Equine Athletes, LLC
Morgan Mill, Texas

Success is coming out of Equine Athletes in Morgan Mill!!

There is always something new going on at Equine Athletes.
Check back often for updates, pictures, and videos.

Madona competing in the Challenge at the 2014 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

                                     Athletes all over are benefiting from the amazing Equine Proscope 360                                        


I'll Have Another Wins Again! Congrats Thumper - On to New York and the Belmont.

We are so proud of Tricia Sutton in and out of the show ring! Keep on showing the world what you're made of!

Suzanna Sutton is making her mark in the world of fitness and personal training. She has been working her magic on Laurie and Thumper. Call her for any of your personal fitness needs.

      Kellen Freund and Turtle are 11th in the Southwest Region for the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association

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