Equine Athletes, LLC
Morgan Mill, Texas

I'll Have Another was crowned the winner at the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby. Why is this so special to us?  The victory was a combined team effort of trainers and specialty staff. Thumper and Laurie spent 10 days in Louisville behind the scenes working their magic. The late night massages and equine kinetics were all part of the magical combination that resulted in the number 19 horse stepping into the winner's circle. Congratulations to all!

And here is the reaction - PRICELESS!
(Thumper in the cowboy hat and the back of Laurie's white hat)

Thumper in action with "Ill Have Another"

A closer look at how Thumper massages and stretches horses.

Some fun pictures we took while at the Derby.
(and a few at the end from the Preakness)


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