Equine Athletes, LLC
Morgan Mill, Texas

Equine Proscope 360

We were introduced to the Equine Proscope 360 at the 2012 Kentucky Derby where John Thorp and his team were treating "Ill Have Another". Being Amazed with the results, Laurie became certified and started treating horses in several disciplines with great success. Beginning in February 2013, Laurie has treated over 25 horses with significant injuries such as: low semen counts and reproductive problems, a fractured seismoid, back issues from a trailer accident where the horse was flipped in the rig leaving him with disc issues, stifle and hock problems, strained and torn suspensories, and severe cuts and bruises all with positive results! The majority of these cases were overseen by Dr. Charlie Buchanon, DVM, from Brazos Valley Equine Hospital. These case treatments were proven and backed up with documentation and X-rays. Laurie has also discovered calming treatments that benefit fractious and nervous natured horses. All of these horses seem to react as if they are receiving an internal massage. There is no denying what the Equine Proscope 360 has to offer, it is amazing!

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